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  1. I was not around to see the close but just came from looking at GOOG's closing price and the message boards and while the market was selling off, GOOG they say had such strong upside buying at the end....

    Can anyone confirm this?

    I did purchase (2) AUG 340 CALLS @ $4.90 when the stock was sitting around $293.00 most of the early afternoon..

    I can't think of another stock during this selloff where the path of least resistance is UP!!
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    Yeah, I thought was odd. It was one of few stocks on the my watch list which was green. I can't say I searched for news about it, but that should have been one the stocks hardest hit today considering the selloff. It seems there is still money money out there looking for a home, that's how I interpret it anyways.
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    GOOG sure looks poised for a breakout. Maybe Funds running into a "safe" bluechip?
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    09:02 GOOG Google launches free 3-D mapping and search product (304.10 )

    -Update- Co announces the launch of Google Earth, Google's new satellite imagery-based mapping product that combines 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capability and Google search. Based on Keyhole technology, Google Earth enables users to fly from space to street level views to find geographic information and explore places around the world.
  5. Why does this stock keep going up?
  6. Its like Crazy Eddie whose prices were INSANE :)
  7. It's the one growth stock that everyone is talking about...its high price and the statement way back that they wouldn't split it even gives it more intrigue IMO....GOOG is constantly improving and expanding their presence on the internet and they are in the largest money making end of it....advertising going into video, their own payment concept etc....

    Maybe it will turn out to be all BS but I don't think so but even if it is, the fact is the stocks path of least resistance is UP!!!....To short this stock is to go against a powerful trend...Those shorting might very well be correct in the long run but they could very well go broke in the meantime waiting for the trend to reverse as they are fighting against a very powerful up trend IMO...I've been buying CALLS and will buy PUTS in a heartbeat if the trend reverses...but I just don't see that now...
  8. Gmail is down. Time to short.
  9. LOL :p
  10. more _______s than ________s.
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