GOOG picks Kansas City, KS for rollout of ultra-highspeed network!

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  1. The long wait is over for 1,100 applicant cities.

    Kansas is the reddest of the red states. (It's usually between KS, UT, Nebraska). Kansas City, KS also has right to work laws.

    Just today, the highest property tax location in the U.S. was released - the Paterson, New Jersey area. About 9% of median income for property taxes keeps this crowded, crime-ridden, expensive, old, and dirty area near the very bottom in quality-of-life esthetics. It's perfect for all NYC rat-racers willing to write off 40 years of life, for the thrill of hanging out with slobbering Vinnies, and grizzled old ladies in shower caps collecting the morning paper.

    The old, deficit-ridden cities of the east will continue to fall behind.
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    Making the midwest a little less boring 1 megabyte per second at a time.
  3. Hey did BATS pay them off?

    I just want them to send me the beta laptop with their cloud OS on it.

    I hope Google takes MFST down, I hate Gates.
  4. Gates may have gotten where he is by being a little slick (and certainly "borrowing" a good deal from Jobs), but he and his wife are among the largest charitable donors in America.

    (old article, but still ...)
  5. Passaic County that's a surprise, and hats off to them for taking the honors ... I would have thought Bergen County with taxes on average property of $10,000.
    I would take a guess at many homes close to $15,000 and I know people who pay over $25,000 a year in Bergen County taxes.

    'Out of 21 counties, residents in Bergen paid the highest property taxes. It was the only county with average residential property taxes topping $10,000. Morris and Essex counties were second and third highest.'

    ...That description of Paterson is one of the best I have ever read... too funny