GOOG Oct strangle on the 18th, close the 19th.

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  1. I will be buying a GOOG Oct strangle 3 strikes OTM on October 18, 3:00 EST - day of earnings - and close Friday the 19th.
  2. Good luck. I hope it goes better than your SBUX experiment/trade.
  3. Good luck beating the IV crash...not saying it can't happen though.
  4. RL8093


    Unless you've developed a true edge in this type of trade, this is pure gambling at its best. The IV collapse is something to behold ....
  5. Selling the October strangle 3 strikes out would be more risky than buying them.
  6. What we call in the volatility biz Buy High/Sell Low....
  7. platinum


    So what is the right way to play this...
  8. So far I have:

    forex-forex = buy this position
    volatilitypimp = neutral
    verbotenlaandia = neutral
    damnit = sell this position
    RL8093 = sell this position (maybe neutral)
    optioncoach = sell this position
  9. IV_Trader= swap this position ( rc)

  10. xflat2186 ...Dont trade GOOG earnings unless you're well capitalized and have a plan that includes the use of trading the underlying whether to rehedge your negative gamma from selling the juice or trying to lock in some profits from being long the juice.

    Good luck
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