GOOG next report

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  1. The ATM straddle is once again stupid cheap…only 4.8% with almost a month to go.
    But the date is not confirmed yet…errrrr.
  2. There are oniy a couple of instances where they didn't go third Thursday. Go with the following weekly.
  3. that's the point...I am looking at 1/24 weeklies...stupid cheap, IF confirmed.
  4. newwurldmn


    I was looking at this On Monday. I don't think they report by jan expiry.
    Jan 24th was more than 5percent when i looked at it last.

    I think jan 24 is a sure thing for reporting.
  5. It was a hair > 5 on Monday, but now its a bit below on the mid (1120 strike).
  6. Well it's 100% inside the 24th.
  7. then its a very good trade [long].
    BTW...these 5 new weeklies are GREAT. No need to wait for the old rolling weeklies.
  8. FXforex


    I think a fly with the body at plus 5% just before earnings with the wings at plus/minus $40.00 would be something to consider. I'm expecting GOOG to go up about 5% after earnings.

  9. Bad idea! by the straddle in the smaller size and be exposed to the windfall profit.. A short fly is just typically a bad play..
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    I was thinking a long fly. Buy the wings, sell the body.
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