GOOG misses estimates !!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. capmac


    This will be the headline tomorrow after the bell...

  2. Unthinkable! :eek:
  3. Wow, tiiiiiiiiiimbbbeeeeeeerrrrrr
  4. Retired


    That could be the end of free meals there.

  5. They will probably beat and lower guidance like every other growth tech company.
  6. Google is definitely going to disappoint Wall Street tomorrow. I predict a selloff.
  7. Dunno, Cody on the Fox Business Channel said he thinks its a good time to buy GOOG before the earnings report...

    Okay, the more pertinent question is why was I watching FBC.. I can't even think of a good excuse.
  8. gwac


    LIZ Clayman is good enough reason.
  9. Even better. Now you know for sure there is gonna be a sell off. When the TV pundits say "Good time to buy" It means good time to short.
  10. hajimow


    Google now is not the same Google two or a year ago. Google has matured and has become more stable. It is now a part of S&P 500. Many mutual funds now have a position on that. I believe Google will not flctauate as it used to do. $30 up or down is a very reasonable range.
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