GOOG IC using one week options

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  1. Here is an interesting trade idea.....

    It is a IC trade on GOOG with a possible 14% return for one week. The trade is from thu 1/13/2011 using options expiring on jan 21/22.
    The trade was shown as an "example" by a option guru of what is possible using a weekly option approach, it is an IC with GOOG.
    His plan is to close out the trade when the option spreads reach a pre-determined level that will net $1.20 against $8.80 margin. that is 14% return in one week.
    Trade was "placed" with GOOG @$616.70. 550/565p @$.65cr and 670/680c @$.70cr.
    He did point out that there is risk involved if GOOG starts to move against either short strike and you would need to be prepared to take corrective action if required.
  2. GOOG reports on Thursday. How does he propose to take corrective action? Is guru now a pejorative?
  3. ..damn...i thought i had that post-it note with a big "E/R" on it stuck to my forehead, must of fallen off...

    (on thurs he said he was going to tell us next week how to handle problemos, the trade was from a webi-promo for a seminar he is having)
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    This would not be a valid short Iron Condor for 10 points.

    680 v 670 = 10 points

    550 v 565 = 15 points
  5. you are right,

    i posted it wrong, it was 555/565p....
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    I thought that might be the case.

    Attached is how it breaks down as of 9:45am 01/18/11
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