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  1. FSU


    Anybody here have any idea with what's going on with GOOG and GOOGL? The two have always traded within a few dollars of each other (GOOGL contains voting rights) and have been a good arb between each other. Recently the spread has blown up, with GOOG trading around $90 over GOOGL. Any insight here?
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  2. kroxobor


    A rule of thumb when you consider arbitrage strategies is that all obvious dumb arbitrage opportunities you spot most probably have hidden costs which eat profits. Basically I would say time, knowledge and money you invested to find some arb opportunity directly correlates with its profitability.
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  3. destriero


    marketsurfer has been buying GOOGL and shorting GOOG for a $65 arbitrage profit. Mmmm, monies.
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    Mr. Surf is back? Neato! What is his new handle online?