GOOG expiration

Discussion in 'Options' started by JORGE, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. JORGE


    Has anyone else noticed GOOG has closed on the strike the last 5 expirations. Makes for some decent option trading in the last few hours.
  2. Looks good after the fact. But when trading options you don't have the luxury of looking into the future.
  3. Only works if you can tell me right now which strike GOOG will close on in Jan....

  4. JORGE


    I'm just a daytrader and would never guess where GOOG will be a month from now, but I've had some success selling and buying back premium on the last 3 expirations with GOOG. Did not think I would have the opportunity today, until it moved towards 430 on the AOL news. As it moved around the 430 level the premium was still as high as 1.5, 2 hrs from the close. Not saying it's for everybody, just posting an observation.
  5. Best way to really flesh it out is too simply try and trade it on JAN expiration and see how it works in real time..

  6. It looks like 5 waves from the start and then 5 waves in the larger 5. Does not have to mean crash but we should soon have a larger correction at least

    I think :p