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  1. Sold 40d/contract in the Feb 430 straddle at $51.70 and 41% vols. It's as short as I'll get in this stock.
  2. I almost feel sorry for the management, because they constantly have to communicate the impression that they actually have a grand strategy for this company.

    Hey, they went public at ~100$. I bet the two founders themselves are scared by the momentum and expectations this stock has generated...
  3. nice trade , vols are already reached the pre-report peak (or very close to it)
  4. Oh yeah, they are wiping off their tears with $100 bills. Poor babies.
  5. 412 to 390 is a very dangerous range
    Utlimatly goog wants 500+ By March IMO
  6. Brin sold >86,000 shares in the 440s on Jan 4th.
  7. Yeah, he's not doing too bad.
  8. 3 gaps and a crap..........I have not played this since the first round of earnings.

    I have very little pain or joy from the stock......but I bought puts at 450 50 times for the February sell off.

    Who is left to buy after all this hype.

    If this is not blow off action than the Pope is not fucking christian.

    To hell with all the greedy long share holders.

    Sorry about the harshness but this is a joke.

    Bull and bears make money...pigs get slaughtered.

    Brin supposedly owned only 49,000 shares according to the SEC document provided by an ET poster a few months ago. See above link. Who can reconcile this 86k sale with the 49k position provided in the post? The past thread states he had no more options to exercise. Was he issued more options, or was the information wrong at specific point in previous posts?
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