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    "All boat's are being lifted," Global Equity Research analyst Trip Chowdhry said in an interview. "If Yahoo can report a 13% gain in sales, then imagine what Google's going to do."


    if this is true than I guess we can expect GOOG to trade as high as 550 on Wednesday night. :eek:
  3. or 450.
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    im predicting a close under 400 by the end of 2007.

    Wednesday its either fresh highs for GOOG at 530-545 range or back down to the 430-450 range.
  5. Exactly this time last year it gapped down 20% AH.
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    I do remember that, then slowly came back up to new highs. Wednesday is going to be real volatile ahead of the fomc meeting and goog earnings.
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    What option play would you do in this case? Straddle may be?
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    someone who is wiser can correct me but I don't think you want to be buying volatility when IV is high... your best chance of profiting from a straddle is when IV at the low end of the range. I didn't bother to check but the IV on most of these options is probably not at the low end of the range right before earnings...

    btw, It'll cost you $40/share to get into a $490 straddle right now!!!

    - mnx
  9. Tell me if Im reading into the charts what I want to read into them..but doesnt GOOG look like its preparing to make a major move upwards?

    Last year at this time the chart was looking very weak and then it gapped down.. this time thats one strong arse looking chart and a giant pennant.

    The 30 min MACD is in a beautiful uptrend.
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