GOOG Earnings Tonight.

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Well, (ahem) I hope it stays in between 440 and 520 until Monday morning....I'm sure you know why...Iron Condor, L-430-P's,S-440-P's and S-520-C's,L-530-C's, all same month.
    Last year, I screwed up BIG time in April on GOOG...I was lotsa points away on both sides, and she blew right through to the upside...THAT was painful($$$).
    I'm tempted to cover up today...don't ask me why, but I forgot about earnings being this month. What did someone say about messing with GOOG with options during an earnings month, it's Russian Roulette?
    I've got to find the discipline to try a different strategy, this one make me worry too much...:( (diagonals?)
    Anyways, on "Fast Money" last night, they felt the options have a 6% move expected, while some on the panel felt a 10% was possible.
    Well shoot, anythings possible...How can I get a gig like that...:D
  2. jsv416


    I was considering doing a goog 470 straddle this mornng off earnings, but reconsidered it after i saw the price and the IV. Goog would have to move a LOT for it to pay off. For it to move like yahoo did after earnings, it would have to move approx. 50 pts! It might, but it is a gamble so I am steering clear....

    Good luck to you my friend....
  3. i would short a straddle on goog for earnings before i'd long one.