GOOG earnings this Thursday, Calls or Puts?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by uninvited_guest, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. GOOG earnings this Thursday, Calls or Puts?

    I can't see GOOG going up anymore, shoud fall $20.00 or so. I might load up on puts.
  2. I hate goog

    I get burned everytime!

    When I'm bearing, it goes to $300

    When I'm bullish, it goes to $270

    When the IPO came out, I laughed at people for buying an overpriced

    I have not had one fucking winning trade with GOOG.
  3. Last year I bought Calls and they went up 400%, 6 months ago I bought Puts and lost 100%.

    I'm leaning towards Puts this time. Straddle is out of question.
  4. empee


    so, thekin, what are you thinking now so I can fade you :)

    J/k. I had it when that happens; I usually dodge stocks like that.

    i'm a put buyer
  5. ^ LoL

    I'm thinking to stay away from GOOG. As far as possible! Even my hatred for TZOO is no match for GOOG.
  6. Given YHOO's earnings announcement, do you think it serves as any indicator of what GOOG might do in general? Also, GOOG has had a nice run up so even if the news is good it still may sell off.

    I agree that there is no good way to play this since the news can be good and it will still go down.
  7. i think i will buy put on goog
    yahoo earning were flat so it could sell off
    or it can be worst if it announce a stock split :(
    i will buy the put,s short terms
  8. Your last chance for GOOG options before earnings is Thursday. Ebay down in AH.

    Oct300 puts for $2.70
    Oct290 puts for $1.05

    Nov300 puts for $8.10
    Nov290 puts for $4.80

    No sense paying for premium, go for the Oct options and get it over fast?
  9. very , very low IV before report , maybe they betting on non-event here. Adjusted ATM (310) straddle is only 12$ . That's represents only 3.8% from nominal , the lower I ever saw on GOOG before report. We shall see
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    yhoo earnings weren't flat. they beat estimates, and they were pretty much double same q last year. same q last year they sold a boat load of goog stock which inflated their earnings. if you look at earnings history on yahoo finance, it shows 9 cents for same q last year (which excluded the goog sale since it wasn't really income but basically a transfer off the balance sheet and onto the income statement).
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