GOOG earnings long straddle?

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  1. When is the best time to establish the position if you think there will be a huge move up or down at earnings? There's still plenty of TV left in those July calls and puts.
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    How do you define a "huge" move? 10, 20, 50 points? At the moment, Jul options are pricing in about 25-27 point move.
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    there won't be any tv left if earnings is on July 21 like last year, in that case you do your thing at the last minute possible. GL
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    GOOG's earnings will be released 7/21. This is right before the expiration date.
    I entered into this today with a Call Credit Spread .
    Sold ten, 460c, and bought ten, 470c. (Potential profit of $1250 if it does not go above 460 @ exp). I usually bail out of the short side the day before expiration if the price is within $10 of the Long strike. Has worked good for the past 3 consecutive months.
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    I did some quick math and your potential profit seems a bit off... but maybe I'm calculating wrong... care to elaborate?
  8. I came up with a maximum profit of $800.00 and maximum loss of $9,200. Based on closing prices and no commisions factored in.

    Reward:Risk ratio = 1:11
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    Yeah, me too. :eek:
  10. Ever think he might have gotten a better price than the current EOD one? Like when GOOG was up a little this morning?
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