GOOG downgraded:

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. capmac


    07:29 GOOG Google downgrade details (423.48 )

    Stanford Group downgrades Google to Hold from Buy with a $425 target (vs $360 prior tgt) based primarily on valuation. At 34x 2006 OIBDA and 61x 2006 EPS, the stock is fairly valued. While operating trends and stock momentum remain strong, the firm believes the near-term risk-reward tradeoff no longer justifies a Buy rating. The pursuit of AOL is representative of an increasingly competitive environment, which will eventually begin to slow Google's growth.
  2. Flip Flop......Stanford Group upgraded GOOG last month.

    GOOG has been downgraded 6 times since IPO, plus a sell in August 2004. They will get it right one of these times.
  3. who really cares what Stanford Group thinks.....not exactly a Tier one operation.....
  4. bigsid


    wooooo!!! rode that bad boy down from $421.00
  5. keyser1

    keyser1 at the time of the release, goog had closed prior day at 423.48 and the price target is 425, and thats a hold??? who would hold for an extra 1.52 if thats the (1 year?) target? talk about illogical.
  6. I think 'Hold' means 'Sell'
  7. well if not a hold in that situation, then what situation?

    basically...since its not going anywhere (according to stan,whatever) if you have it, hold it. if not, dont get it. Probably cuz they really dont know what its going to do next.