GOOG crash $100

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  1. GOOG chart pattern predicts a $100 drop in one day. That will crash the whole market to test the low again in 1 month.
  2. turd3r is going to take issue with this prediction :)
  3. Here it is:
  4. In one/two years, the market will prove both GOOG's business model and stock chart will flow EBAY's pattern - the common DOT com pattern.
  5. For the record, GOOG at $330 today. See ya $200.
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    This is why technology is never a good long term investment. Tastes and prefernces change so rapidly that long-term wealth is rarely created. Of course, this goes for 90% of technology firms, while 10% will actually do well like AMZN and IBM. Good example of Pareto's Pricniple.
  7. Mar 26 15:24 GOOG Google cutting sales, marketing positions by nearly 200 - DJ (352.34 +8.27) -Update-

    well, the first red flag...
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    I agree with you!
  9. Google cut 200 out of > 20,000. It is a sign of a smart company. As they said, they had some redundancies. That is also why they cut 100 out of HR recently.

    Google will not be down anywhere near $100 within a month. Your assumption on what the chart does indicates someone who knows little about REAL world business. Google will not drop like this because you detected something "in the chart"

    Technology is an excellent area to invest in. It drives a lot of the productivity growth

    You need to move your thread to Looney Tunes.

    I know you will react, but seriously, it is painful to read your posts.
  10. Plausible scenario. Something to watch out for.
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