GOOG cornering...

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  1. What else would you expect with all the mutual funds clamoring to get a piece of GOOG...

    ...& not to mention all the mom & pops who watch Cramer.
  2. goog is going higher cos it's cheap compared to where it's going.

  3. well said....
  4. That is the most astonishing fact I've seen on ET in a year. Brin started out with well over 36 million shares in the common. He now owns 49,000 shares.
  5. The guy executes options like there is no tomorrow...
  6. He still has 34 million shares he could purchase at zero dollars thanks to stock options.

    Around $12 billion he can dump before he has to grant himself some more.
  7. It doesn't matter if he owns 0 shares, he can always award himself more stock options to give him more stocks. You have to remember, he along with Page, Schmidt and Reyes control 60% of the voting power (class B stock). All 4 of them can own 0 shares in class A stock and still control the company.
  8. on the form 4, look at table 2 again...and he does not own any class b stock anymore:

    "Each share of Class B Common Stock is convertible into one share of Class A Common Stock at the option of the holder. "

    The B shares have all been converted and are in the open market if you look again...

    Sheeple...why even waste the time typing!
  9. bdon


    How many people have devoted countless hours on figuring out how and when to short goog? seriously.

    Supply and Demand.

    Instead of waiting and waiting and waiting you should have gone long and just made some money.

    Its funny, people are more concerned with being able to post here saying that they shorted goog at the top, rather than collecting on the trend in front of them.
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