GOOG CFO quits

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  1. Hopefully with the departure of Reyes we will see a maturity in GOOG's communications with the financial markets. A new approach to guidance is a given.
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    I kinda liked GOOG's approach.. sort of made me feel that they wanted to have a level playing field and keep the wall streeters and the main streeters in the same darkness, instead of the "visibility" afforded by the big investor/players.
  3. Not giving guidance when you are a Billion dollar, high growth internet company is "cute". It showed a lack of respect for the process, but it was "cute".

    Today they run a complex $13B business. Its no longer cute.

    I would disagree that both Wall Streeters and Main Streeters are in the same "darkness". Wall Streeters will ALWAYS have more "visibility" than Main Street.

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    perhaps that is why I am enamored of their methods. "Lack of respect for the process."

    there were quite a few very smart trailblazers in history who were criticized for their lack of respect, but perhaps it was that disrespect and healthy skepticism that contributed to their eventual breakout and success.

    maybe they are just "cute" immature jackasses... :)
  5. I would ABSOLUTELY agree. The irony is the very quality that made them successful can also destroy them.


  6. Yeah, the street is pissed because they don't get the first call when it comes to goog news. Front running and insider trading is all they know how to make money with. The fact that several got near wiped out on a small 10% market correction is proof enough as to where their supposed "proprietary edge" lies.
  7. no more infomatin flow to get the heads up.
  8. The companies that cater least to wallstreet tend to beat the market
  9. the fucking cfo quits of one of your 1 horseman. Yikes, I know you own a fucking odd lot @!530ish....good luck piker
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