GOOG: Bubble or This Time It's Different?

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  1. Seriously... WoW!

    I wonder about thoes google boys... They were selling stock like mad in the $150-200 range. Maybe a billion dollars or so... many took that as a sign that the insiders believed the company was overvalued. 8 months later, the stock is approcahing $400. Why didn't they just buy some calls and unload their shares now. The stock would probably be higher without them flooding the market with their supply. Maybe the insiders didn't believe the company was worth $50 billion but was just as shocked as anyone when it started rolling in the profits.

    Just ranting cause I'm still in daunted from when I use to call people idiots for buying into the IPO. I thought they would lose all their money.
  2. So, you calling a top?? Time to short?
  3. 34 times sales $118 billion cap which puts it #31 biggest company on earth for a company public 14 months you decide
  4. A definitive bubble except a lot of people are getting rich and more will get broke before it is over.....
    Here is my take - watch it like a hawk and short it if you can at the right time and the right place.....
    who is their auditor anyways? Arthur Anderson?
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    This is a once in a generation stock but like all once in a generation stocks at some point it's growth rate will slow (think Cisco et al) and, well you get the picture. In the meantime, what's wrong with exploiting this runner for as long as possible?
    Something tells me this thing isn't going to struggle at $400 like it did at $300.
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    I don't personally feel inside sales or even inside buying is something to put much weight on. But I will say this about GOOG...I can remember people like my uncle telling me if they had only invested like $10 Thousand Dollars in a Microsoft or an Intel when they went public they would have over a Million or so over a period of 15-20 years...( I don't know if it would actually be a million or not but you get the point)

    I am convinced after watching GOOG and its earnings and the people they have hired that this is a once in a lifetime to make a million dollars or so over the next 20 years....I feel so strongly about this that I have decided to take $10,000 and buy GOOG with it on the day it closes at or above $400.00 (which could be this week) and just put it away...I know they said they will never split it and I know there will be violent swings and sell offs but I am convinced, after watching it since they went public, that they now and in the future will be the major player in the internet and internet advertising.

    I might waste my $10 thousand dollars but if I do, I know at least I put my money where my mouth is but I honestly believe GOOG is going to make many people who invest in it now wealthy over the long haul.
  7. I will give you the top...after it happens. At this point the sky is the limit...everyone is definately speculating on GOOG at current prices. I think the biggest insider tell are the positions of brin and page. Their market position is not sacred...time will tell.
  8. Agreed it can go to $500 in a jiffy but I could never get myself chase this baby at this level, but hey that is my shortcoming.
    Now why did not I buy at $150?
  9. What a huge mistake. Dont waste your hard earned money.

    Lets put this into perspective.. Goog is worth $110 billion today!!!

    If it were to double.. the company would be $220billion which is the same market cap as Citigroup which is the biggets bank in the world.

    DOnt be a fool and piss away your money. Buying MSFT 10 years ago when the stock was only worh a few billion dollars is not the same as buying GOOG.

    Atleast wait for a 20-30% correction. Lets face it.. every great growth stock always had a correction.. so atleast wait for a better entry.. Ideally u want them to miss a quarter or some minor bad news to settle into the stock before you make your purchase. Also you are better off averaging into weakness in the longer term when buying longer term.

    You will thank me for this advice.
  10. I'm not calling anything on GOOG. I learnt the lesson the hardway. If I were to make a call, do the opposite and you'd probably make money.
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