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  1. What would be the likely hood that in this down market that Google would acquire Java? It seems like it would make sense with how much chrome uses java but maybe im wrong
  2. Is not Java a product of Sun? So you mean GOOG acquiring SUN?
  3. Google doesn't have the cash to do it. All their money for previous acquisitions was gained form the credit markets.

    Google is in a really bad spot right now. They have little actual cash and are just paying their notes each month.
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    Uhh, not sure what you are smoking, but I show GOOG has 14 billion in cash and zero debt.

    And there is no reason for them to buy Java. Why in the world would they want to do that?

    (P.S. - Java is crap)
  5. OP, you are confusing Java and Javascript. They are entirely different beasts.

    Java is now open source. Why would Google want to buy it ? - even if they could.
  6. Java has pretty much always been free even before it was open source. I'm not sure if it's still true, but the saying at SUNW was that IBM made far more money off of Java than SUNW ever did.

    I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy SUNW. They ceased to be relevant the day linux was "mission-critical"-ly stable on a commodity pc (2001/2002)
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    Zero, zip nill as java is free (not a company)...
    at any rate WTF are you talking about?
  8. It's apparently better then what you're smoking because it allows me to process financial numbers:

    Total Current Liabilities 2.34551 (billion)

    And I like this one:
    Cash from Investing Activities -1.13696 (billion)

    Just because they don't have LONG TERM debt doesn't mean their hands aren't in the credit market coffers like most other companies.
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    You might want to drill into the balance sheet and look at those numbers more closely. Both Cash and Equivalents (8+ billion) and short term investments (6+ billion) grew last quarter.

    And those liabilities are just costs of doing business, not long term debt.
  10. Sun changed their ticker to JAVA so he is correct in that aspect.
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