GOOG Analyst Day next week

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Feb 23, 2006.

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    GOOG very strong today ahead of ANALYST DAY next week...
  2. anyone else think that google ain't a buffet like stock to buy?
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    GOOG Google: UBS comments on Google payments, video ads and the Dell homepage (377.40 ) -Update-

    UBS notes that on Friday, GOOG announced that its payment system will "provide a convenient and secure way to purchase Google Base items." Firm believes this is a clear shot across PayPal's bow, and marks the first time GOOG is enabling C2C payments. They say GOOG also stated that it will continue to "add payment functionality to Google services." They think this is clearly a large opportunity for GOOG. Firm also notes that GOOG video ads are appearing on partner sites, and as expected, their new Dell PC came with Google Toolbar, Desktop, and importantly, Explorer's default homepage is a GOOG/DELL co-branded page.