GOOG- added to index?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. When will GOOG be added to a major index like nasdaq100 or sp500?

    Marketcap is over 100bil.. whats taking so long?
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    It'll be added to the dow before it gets added to those two. for some reason the s&p don't like google. Its already around #30 market cap size for publicly traded us companies.
  3. I think its rediculous that it hasnt been added to the Nasdaq 100.. its one of the premiere internet companies in the world.. more so than 99% of the junkie semis losing money in the index.

    Would be funny if it gets added to all the indices then it announces a bad quarter.. ouch..
  4. Care to make a wager on that? :)
  5. The chances it would get added to the DOW anytime soon are somewhere between zero and .000001 percent.

    It will get added to the S&P soon, its probably the next stock to get added to that index and many people were suprised it wasn't added a few months ago when a slot opened.

    The Nasdaq 100 requries a stock to be listed or what they term "seasoned" on their exchange for atleast 2 years, so baring an exception Goog simply hasn't been publicly traded long enough for it to have been considered yet.
  6. I think it would be somewhat ironic if they added it to the index in early December, just as they added YHOO in Dec, 1999. It seems to me that they have been hesitant to add it mainly as its been in a momentum phase since it went public. There may have been something of a backlash from 5 years ago when it was perceived that they were adding companies purely on recent outperformance. However, it has become clear in recent months that GOOG is a major force and presence and that the stock will be around for quite awhile.
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    my statement was lighthearted. in seriousness though, for a company thats around 30 in market cap to be overlooked last time there was an s&p slot is ridiculous. Even if its share price was 1/3 what it is, it would still deserve to be on the s&p over some of the companies on there.
  8. Agreed.

    P.S.--- You just ruined my bet. :D
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    maybe the s&p is waiting until goog hits the $500 dollar mark before announcing the addition.
    would add some flare to the announcment ($500 stock added to s&p 500). they could even give it a 5.00% weighting.