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    I have heard a rumor that some big tech mutual funds are dumping their AAPL and GOOG shares and buying INTC. Since I have almost the same position in my account that made sense to me and I bought that rumor. Has anyone else heard such a rumor? Do you think it is a good strategy to sell two overbought and overvalued stocks and buy an oversold and undervalued stock?
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    I'm not so sure I agree that INTC is "undervalued". But I do know that there is some serious (i.e institutional) selling in TXN, INTC, MOT, HPQ, SNDK (just to name a few) and other large cap tech stocks. On the other hand you have some smaller cap tech's doing very well, like AMD MU WFR. Anyway, good luck.
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    Taiwan, South Korea and China (even third world country like Malaysia) are competing to get into the semi-conductor market. So, I don't think it's a good time to bet on intc/amd right now.
  4. Intel Cycle is about 400 trade days
    Range(521 , 361)

    Seems that it wants 28 area again
    One thing for sure...
    Don't short it
  5. My best Level for Intc
    18.99 29.50
    Almost risk free
  6. I would say this to you:
    1.) Never trade on tips and rumors;
    2.) Forget the words overbought and oversold; it's amateur language. Wasn't AAPL and GOOG overbought 6 months ago?
    3.) Why do you want to buck the trend buying INTC now? If you do that you are a bottomfisher and I don't know of any bottomfisher who made money in the long run.
  7. uh??

    Warrent Buffer, George Soros, and all the biggest investors look to buy value, have done that since they started trading and obviously done pretty well.
  8. Are you sure they will tell you their strategies???
  9. buy sound companies (like intc, ko) when valuations are in single digits or in low double digits: u might get it wrong sometimes but the 5-10handles gains on your winners will sure outweight your losses.
  10. The charts of INTC & KO definitely don't look sound to me! Why??
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