goog - a bloodbath in the making

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dividend, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. this is the thread you were afraid to make :)

    based on my hattori hanzo indicator this one is just about ripe for picking.
  2. ya at 500 i will start my short,right now u have to be nuts
  3. damn right it's a bloodbath in the making, the shorties are gonna spill their guts. :p
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    I think GOOG has been a great stock thus far. You can search back and see that on the IPO as soon as it stayed above $100 I was saying to buy it because fund managers would feel they "had" to own GOOG. That is what is still happening. I have traded GOOG off and on and done very well with it since the IPO, the last time from $230 to $256. I wish I had not left almost $40 on the table, but I am starting to get a bit worried about GOOG. Here is a video that I feel is very good...of course I am somewhat biased.

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    Spend $24 for every $1 in sales. Yeah, be right over.

  6. yeah this stock is going to fall back to earth sometime sooner rather than later, but it will be a waste of time to time a short entry (I would say give it a few more days for a very short term trade or weeks for a bigger drop then buy puts) This is one reason why I don't think this rally is a new upleg continuing the 2003 rally, too many stocks are extended, testing previous highs, or about to top out.

    the GOOG story is another mania set up by the insiders, I have never been a believer ( a search engine and advertiser wtf? )but I should have bought it -with calls- especially at 230 , nice entry there but again I would have taken at least some profit at 260 . Other than that I think people are getting completely idiotic about that stock , it's not the next MSFT , all the expectations are about their future earnings, same story as the internet stocks in 1998, the insiders are expert manipulators, the whole thing has been set up by them to make a killing. Now brokers are piling up like sheeps to upgrade it. And then the S&P inclusion, how ridiculous, it hasn't even been trading for a year
    anyway just looking at the chart you know it's topping
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    Has anyone used GOOG paid search. GOOG is a cash machine. and will be a major threat to MSFT.

    Keep shorting and this goes to 350 for sure before end of year.
  8. Watching GOOG rocket reminds me of how the mkt was back in the late 90's. let the good times roll. :D
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    You are right, it is not. What google does MSFT only wishes they could do half as well. MSFT came out with a new search product not long ago in an attempt to gain some M/S from GOOG. Msft is scrambling to do anything they can to take away a piece of the market from google, but so far the results have not been as great as some may have wished.
  10. what's so great about a GOOGLE search?

    i got a DOZEN other search injuns!!
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