GOOG $650 target

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  1. The big boys are getting out... :D

    Cantor initiated Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) with a Buy rating and $650 target, believing Google will continue to benefit from the secular shift of advertising and marketing dollars to the Internet and sees no signs of business "hitting the wall."
  2. Sanjuro


    I bet he's long and stuck from above and he needs some liquidity to get out.
  3. Their long positions in GOOG are taking a hit so nothing gets the market back moving in their direction like a high price target/upgrade :D
  4. ginux


    650? That's crazy. 550 is possible but 650? Maybe in 2 years.
  5. Some empty suit anal-yst trying to make a name for himself on the Street.
  6. Tums


    $650 is nothing.

    GOOG will go over $1,000 before you know it.

    Bill gates will be the second richest man very soon.

    p.s. with the current price level, you should look at the chart with a log scale.
  7. Do you guys think GOOG is really going to permanently stick to the "no stock split" policy?
  8. Or the market will do it for them without additional shares. :D
  9. what happens when the economy slows and advertising dollars dry up?
  10. Tums


    when economy slows down, business will cut back on advertising. They will allocate their precious advertising dollars to the most effective method of pulling in business for survival.

    Which is the most effective means of advertising? Different business will have different ways to attract business. You have to decide on your own.
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