GOOG-411 free phone calls

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  1. Fish around in the Google web site. It's amazing.

    Apparently, they're dedicated to making life "free".

    Free books, magazines, news, phone calls, photo editing, etc., etc.

    It's ok with me if Google owns the future.
  2. pspr


    They are looking in your back yard and windows from space at this moment. Don't be doing anything fishy! And, they know every search you've made and every website you've visited for the last 5 years.

    Big Google Is Watching.
  3. BSAM


    Who cares? What we gonna do, stop using the internet?
  4. ET99


    wait till you are addicted and with no alternatives,
    then they will come in for the kill.
  5. Free for now.

    ""Google and Verizon can try all they want to disguise this deal as a reasonable path forward, but the simple fact is this framework, if embraced by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, would transform the free and open Internet into a closed platform like cable," said Joel Kelsey, adviser to media watchdog Free Press. "

    cont on llink..
  6. GOOG-411 free phone call is free because calls are directed to a toll free line. It would be difficult to clarify information because there is no way you'll be able to talk live to a person because the product is purely automated.