GOOG @$38 fat fingers or manipulation

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  1. :D
  2. dude musta miskeyed, easy to do.

    lots of shares. I only bought 2000, and fully expect to keep them
  3. Nah, they said they'll pay me 300 for the shares so i sold them back to the poor guy.
  4. capmac


    What usually happens in a (fat finger) case like this?

    Those that bought at 38 are rich, those who fat-fingered short at 38 are broke.

    Will the brokers be required to fix this (after the fact) or are there no recourse for those who 'made' the mistake?
  5. bouncy


    i wouldnt get out until you know for sure if they get busted
  6. bouncy


    what are the odds the trades stand?
  7. the odds?

    100000000000000000000 to 1

    hey, better than zero
  8. scam to inflict fear to cover their shorts
  9. bouncy


    i have mixed feeling because i bought 1/30 of what i could. will have to cry myself to sleep for about 10 years if they hold. yet who can say no to the free money?

    anyone remember coco a few years back? had a 10+ point down move due to fat fingered market order - nasdaq said the trades stood, everyone bails out of their longs for 10 pts and lots of profit, then nasdaq reverses the ruling and the stock gets squeezed up 10 more pts screwing anyone who got out, since they were all short from the price they thought they closed out on
  10. the only way you keep these is if the guy that did it died, and ISLD didnt notice the trade.

    1000000000000000000000000000000 -1
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