GOOG 300 Shorts mortified

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by stock777, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Not to mention losing thier shirts.
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    its a just doesnt seem to want to go down..
  3. Give me a G

    Give me a O

    Give me another O

    Give me another G

    What do you got


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    Like a steamroller running over grapes.

    Squish Squish...
  5. It probably has a few more up days this week due to quarter end and buying as a result.
  6. Never heard it put that way before but its GREAT :)
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    imo If the mkt goes any lower GOOG should start topping out around 320. I think this is the next MSFT, just buy and hold it long term through many stock splits and retire a very wealthy man in 20 years.

  9. Well, not so sure about that.

    Name a stock that was as well hyped as this during its day, and produced great wealth 20 years later.

    Maybe there are some, but there are also 1000 that went to nothing.
  10. I am leaning towards agreeing with what Mhashe said...I have been following GOOG for awhile and just recently took to buying calls over the last couple of weeks....I did this because after giving it some serious thought, I truly believe this is ONE stock that will be for real...meaning that the earnings will be there....not just another hyped stock..GOOG is different due to they are delivering earnings....Internet advertising is exploding and google is not sitting on their hands....they might very well hurt Paypal big time when they role out their payment service as well....

    The way I am currently seeing this is that GOOG could very well be one of those rare kinds of stocks that can make ordinary investors millions if they play it right....Just like Microsoft did.....

    This is only my opinion of course, but I took to buying calls due to I am going to try to ride this for all it is worth.....and that is my honest view of GOOG which of course is subject to change....But for now this is one rare opportunity for the average person as well as the seasoned investor and trader to make a lot of money......
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