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Discussion in 'Journals' started by GoodPunk6, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. Hey guys!

    Obviously I'm new to these message boards and to the world of day trading. I was hired to trade in a private equity group earlier this month. I've decided to keep a daily journal on my progress as a trader. This is where I will come to rant about my suckie trades. While I'm learning I'll be scalping LU. Thanks.
  2. LU is a waste of time;it barely moves.
  3. i know but I'm learning.
  4. Well Gentlemen,

    Today is Tuesday the 26th of October. I have to say that today wasn't a very great day. My morning started off on a negative note and it affected me pyschologically all day long. I'm trading 1500 shares of LU and managed to make $48. Unfortunately, my trading costs came out to about $70. I have to say, I'm ssssoooo upset right now. It's 3:30pm right now and I decided not to trade the close. I feel like a complete failure today. Thanks for reading.
  5. Check for only $25 a month...i only play the intraday upgrade/downgrade calls(notated by the green up arrows and the red down arrows).I ignore the upgrades/downgrades that come out before 9:30,since when the stock does open up at 9:30,the stock,most of the time,opens higher or lower based on if it was an upgrade or downgrade.Rarely,but it does happen,things might not move much or move the opposite way,but like in all trading,try to keep your losses to a minimum.
  6. thanks for the info nasdaqtrader.

    Today is the 27th of October. I feel motivated today. I hope that my trading performance will be better today than it was yesterday. I won't be trading the open because it's a little too volatile for me. Hopefully volume will be on the upside today.
  7. Whatever. You started a journal on this strategy and abandoned it after people asked you questions you could not (or would not) answer. And, after it became obvious that your strategy was a net loser.

    But, somehow you always managed to buy at the low and sell at the high!

    I think you are a shill for theflyonthewall.
  8. I still trade their calls and am doing fine with it,and for the record i have no affiliation with flyonthewall.
  9. Well today wasn't as bad as yesterday....I think. I made $3. I spent $62 making it. All 3 indicies shot straight up and I still managed to lose money. :-(

    I happen to find a useful tool that I think was a bit beneficial to me. It basically sums up the amount of buyers and sellers at any given point. I've noticed that I rely on buyers vs sellers a lot.

    I noticed something today. Sometimes when it appears as though there are tons of more sellers than there are buyers, all I see is the offer being hit like CRAZY. But the size on the offer doesn't change. Is this people refreshing their offer or is the specialist not reflecting the change? Or something else? It's a little intense because in this very situation I decided to go with the prints and I bidded for the stock. I got filled and then the stock ran the other direction. I took a flat.

    In a another situation there were tons of buyers and the offer was being printed. I bid for the stock, got filled, with tons of buyers on still on the bid. Suddenly, everyone dropped their bid and I had to take a flat. I wonder if a big seller stepped in and scared everyone away.....but I didn't see it.

    Point in case, I don't know how to feel about today's session. I was positive on gross, but very negative on net. Thanks for reading.
  10. For listed stocks,there could be floor brokers or the specialist that keep bidding or offering the stock,but it won't be reflected in the size shown since they don't want to show their hand.The specialist might show a 100 share bid,but you might have a floor broker that has a million shares to buy,but doesn't want to show his hand since it might drive the price up.On nasdaq stocks,the real size also might not be known,since market makers and ecn's can disguise their true size with hidden and reserve orders.
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