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  1. I have been involved in trading an investing for many years and am at a place now where I have less interaction with traders then in the past and it makes for too quiet a journey some days. With that being said I am looking to undertake a type of project that will not only fill some time as I wait on my setups, be helpful in achieving some objectives, but allow some interaction with other like minded traders who are serious.
    Mostly at current I am trading liquid but popular US stocks during the US session on the Nasdaq. I do make some swing trades and some scalping trades depending on market conditions and my own level of focus. My big picture is generally around the Daily timeframe. I have a playbook of trades I trade and rules for entry, stop, position sizing, and exits. My philosophy is based on ideas around Global Macro, Trend Following, basic Price Action, News, and Supply and Demand... With all that said this is an evolving journal and my idea is to post a Big picture ahead of weekly sessions and some trade ideas going into the week. Maybe a few charts to show some things working or not working.
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  3. Next week I am mostly standing aside barring exceptional conditions. Watching for FOMC meeting minutes and to see if we get anymore clues on rates and participants economic expectations going forward, Chinese President Xi remarks and any possible new details regarding the trade deal status. Will be observing some major tech stocks for pullbacks and breakouts. Overall going into January I will be watching the tone that is set for the year and if the bull-market should continue.
  4. Just an update. The last few days have been eventful. To get to the point I have been able to hook up with an Options group recently and am going to be busy with them going forward. This will likely cut into my time on this board here. When I started this thread only a few short days ago I had in mind eventually coming into contact with something like this but could not tell when. Shows the power of having some clear goals, starting somewhere, allowing things to work out and take their course, and then making adjustments. With that being said I'm off again. Good luck to all the other seekers out there.