Goodbye Trichet.

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  1. Gone, just like that.

    So, how will he be remembered?

    As a fool? Who was always behind the curve?

    Or as a man of sanity... Who was wise not to follow in bubble Ben's footprints?
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    At least I don't have to hear "price stabelletee" anymore. Bring on Super Mario.
  3. gobar


    trachet gone goldman in

    now goldman controls 2 powerful market.
  4. I much prefer Super Mario.
  5. Humpy


    He has bugged out at a critical moment. But it is just as well, he doesn't seem to have realised the whole eurozone is fatally flawed. The smaller members can't keep up and should drop out as quickly as possible. In return for propping up their economies the Germans are demanding more control over Greece etc. So at the cost of their independence Germany takes them over. The German jackboot has been carefully positioned on their necks without a shot being fired !

    The little countries collapse is the forerunner of things to come in Europe. Sarkozy has sold out to Berlin and any of the little fish that can escape should take this opportunity before it's too late.

    We shouldn't let the 4th Reich happen without a struggle.

    All the gains from WW2 have just about evaporated now thanks to crappy leadership from the USA. How many trillions has the State Department spent over the years ? Put that huge figure against how many friends has the US made ( somewhere between none and 3) and you can quickly see what failures Bush, Obama etc have been.
  6. What to do? His mandate was clear and his hands were tied.
  7. What do you think of the ECB in general?

    Do you think it actually works?
  8. A very funny question, that... Define "works".