Goodbye to e-mini's

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Ditch, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. Ditch


    I've following the e-mini's and the ESTX50 simitanuously lately and the difference in choppiness is staggering. After getting chopped to pieces yesterday, I've decided that they can stuff those e-mini's in their #@$:p.
  2. sammybea


    I have been looking into trading the ESTX50 for some time now. May i ask you what company u use charts through? Also, as i understand, contracts expire each month.. Is this true? And just to confirm, what time are the market hours in eastern time.. Thank you so much.
  3. Welcome to trading.
  4. Ditch


    I use e-signal, but they don't have correct tick-data on the ESTX50, so I will probably be switching to CQG. Yes, contracts expire each months, but right now the big volume is in the dec. contract. Market hours in CET are 9.00-17-30.
  5. Ditch


    Smart-ass, and you know what you can do.
  6. DT-waw


    DJ Eurostoxx50 trading hours are 9:00 - 20:00
    Ditch, why CQG not myTrack? CQG is so expensive...
  7. I am looking into trading this contract too , but not many US quote providers offer it, is My Track good?
  8. Ditch


    Reliable and cheap, but charting is horrible.
  9. toby400



    try Sierra charts and IB data feed.

    Some in the UK use them with no problems.
  10. Sorry Ditch-
    The comment wasn't really ment to be smart-assed or flip - just a simple statement of the truth. Its what adds challenge to trading.
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