Goodbye Gold...

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  1. we may bounce here, but it sure looks ready to collapse...

    817 is first target
    758 is hopeful target.
  2. and so tell me

    why do you think I am buying gold at these levels without a single worry about it

    cause I am insane, maybe

    maybe not :cool:
  3. cuz I'm wrong...
    or cuz you are a thousandaire?
  4. I probably should've mentioned that when I buy gold

    I actually buy gold,

    chips and bricks :D
  5. USD rallies barely 3/10 of one percent and Gold falls over 2.6% ....

    Gold's dead
  6. if USD rallies 3% then gold will fall 30% by that logic

    obviously it isnt that simple
  7. May not be that simple to you but it's been that simple to me since March 18th

  8. you shorted the day after the top? nice...

    We may bounce...but it looks uggo..
  9. ok all you gold bears ... if it goes down down down

    to your targets

    where do you think at that time will be the following



    US interest rates
  10. clacy


    I hope that gold leads crude and other commodities down. That would be a big boost to the global economy, IMO. A strong dollar could make that happen.
    #10     Apr 30, 2008