Goodbye ET!

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  1. This will be my last post here. I am done with online chatboards and message rooms. I have learned absolutely nothing from the bulk of people on these things. Well, there have been a select few who I have taken away bits and pieces (much like you would take away parts from a wrecked car), but only a select few.

    This board has been a source of entertainment for me from time to time, but not anything more then that. Now I find these boards becoming a distraction and taking away my time.

    So I bid ye farewell, goodbye ET! So long! Farewell!
  2. Please, kill yourself.
  3. Is this because you keep calling stops every week whilst the market rallies relentlessly?

    Leaving tip:
    Get long - there's a BOAT load more upside to come in the long term.
    The ES is engineered to go up long term. It HAS to go up.
  4. The fact that you couldn't just leave but had to start this whiny thread says more about YOU than about this board. Look in the mirror perhaps you'll find the problem there. :p

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    No offense, but you should have realized this way before 1200 posts since 2009. No need to make it your last post. Just utilize the website occasionally.
  6. "Good night, Sweet Prince." Hamlet
  7. Samsara


    Work on the system you've been talking about, teach yourself to code and backtest it. Let go of the need to prove your worth to others via the markets, and disabuse yourself of the notion of managing OPM. Don't waste your own time trying to sell anything you come up with. It'll set you back.

    Give it another shot -- don't tell anyone once you've started to succeed at it. Your confidence will skyrocket. It's a whole different level, and it has nothing to do with what others think.

    And certainly don't make any new untraceable aliases for ET and make the same mistakes over again.

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    You'll be back and you know it. This is your second fairwell post and you really need to talk to a shrink.
  9. Barking dogs never bite.
  10. Moderator, make his wish come true and ban his IP.
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