Goodbye Crude Oil..

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  1. Have a nice trip down...should be good for 4-6$ heading into August Option Expiration, and beyond...
    RBOB smoked today with little reaction in the crude..methinks it's a delayed one...
  2. the ulta-wide crack spreads are just returning to earth, hence crude holding a little in here. don't disagree that oil is going to pullback some but the move today was about crack.

    crack is whack!
  3. Looks like a bearish formation on gasoline:

  4. i know this maybe a crazy idea on this site but why not try to buy oil on a pull back to say the 22 day moving average?
  5. lar


    I'll be selling 76 Q Calls tomorrow or Friday.

    Peace and gtty,

  6. How much longer can crude go against the downward spiral momentum of Gas and Natty? I got a feeling 72 first before we see 75.
  7. Anyone got burnt today by an Oil short?
  8. Not burnt but got a stop at 76. Shorted at 74 yesterday, only 1 contract of QM so it's not that bad. Oh well... RB did well though so I'm happy at least that one worked out.
  9. silly crack spreads...
    the Q RBOB/CL spread has fallen over $10,000 in the last 5 sessions...looks like it IS coming back to reality....
    What a move...
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