Good website for financial news?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dhar2112, May 2, 2008.

  1. dhar2112



    What's a good website for a calendar of the important financial news announcements that affect the s&p 500?

    Thanks much!
  2. has a very detailed economic calendar
  3. Cerno99


    If you are looking for news, opinions, and numbers for futures and commodities, is very convenient to use, they have cool charts for lots of markets, and its FREE. The website is still in Beta and new features are still being added, but it is very useful already.

    Futurescloud sorts and indexes all the news and charts by market groups like energy, metals, indicies, financials, etc, and even by specific markets if you are looking only for news and charts for Crude Oil, for example. The FuturesCloud itself shows you what is being talked about the most in the last couple of days and displays the relative frequency by the size of text. The cool thing is they don't depend on the authors to determine what keywords are used, they do their own extraction and and then sort, filter, and index all the really pertinent content and toss the rest. Bottom line is you can find whatever you want easy or let them point you to what you should be looking at and not waste time. Every keyword is cross indexed so if something catches your eye you can click on the term and then see all the other articles where that keyword appeared in the past month or so. Its just a little more convenient than doing searches since you already know the keyword terms are keywords of note. They also have search but its really not even necessary with the way the website is organized.