Good Web Broker?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Wilt, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Wilt



    I am sick of my broker not having shares to short. No matter what industry, every time I try there is nothing. I have to work all day and cannot install anything. Any brokers with a good short inventory and web interface will be greatly appreciated.


  2. wwwnet


    you can try to trade cfd ,brokers:igmarkets,(ftse 250 igg) ,ig use a web platform and itfinace chart. or mf .if you are not a american or they can give you some advise.
  3. That really sux that you can't misuse your company's resources and trade while you're at work instead of doing what you're paid to do. It's a real shame it's considered theft and all. Yeah, stick it to the man.
  4. Find a broker with a JAVA based trading interface. Java is usually permitted at most companies.

    A couple I know of are IB & ThinkOrSwim. I have used both but recommend the ThinkOrSwim.

    As far as shares to short.... I don't short much and suggest that you take a look at options.. but don't trade them until you've been learning about them for at least a few months.
  5. Wilt


    Thank you for your input. I use java charts, so I could probably use a java platform.
  6. Why not remote control your home trading PC?
    Seems you could use any broker this way.