Good ways to buy gold?

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  1. Any favorite ETF's out there?

    Other ways to buy into gold if bullish?

    I have bought GLD in the past, but looking for something with a little more movement.


    First post, but love the site and read a lot :)
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    what about Exchange Traded Commodities?
  3. - holds real gold in bank vaults, very small fees, can buy/sell, and is independently audited.

    Buying/selling your own gold has a lot of costs and some risk.
  4. No more than the site you mentioned. is just as good but is much more flexible for getting the bullion into your hands.

    Ebay is also a good source & can have some great deals.

    I also like APMEX, who at times has great special for a good arbitrage opportunity.
  5. could have clarified better i suppose....I do not want to buy actual, physical gold....just want to buy into it through market products, single companies, etc.
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    Try GTU. CEF as well for gold/silver exposure.
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  8. A lot of people are also ripped off on ebay...
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    would u explain the best techniques not to get off ripped on ebay?
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    If you are going to buy physical you have to decide if you want a record of the purchase. If you don't want a record, find a local shop and pay with cash. If you don't care, you can't do much better than APMEX for price and service.
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