Good value investing forum/message board?

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  1. Does anyone know some good forums that cover investing/value investing?
  2. Elite Trader? Never heard of em.
  3. What is "value" investing from a ghost's POV? Sheets?
  4. this was orginally a scalping trading forum which has degenerated into "investing"
  5. Thanks, I'll take a look.

    Any other suggestions from people would be welcome. And no, I don't consider elitetrader to be a value investing forum. Lol.
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    When I was a broker there was no internet and forums. For good value oriented analisys you went to the library and browsed Valueline. The best brokers did valueline style analisys on stocks value line did not cover! These were the best buys as VL has a limited universe of stocks they follow. I would keep away from fucking forums, just look at ET.... :)
    Also canslim styke search works well, just read the IBD and read up on canslim and pick your sectors well. (I still like mining, energy and oil equipments, avoid finance, retail)
  8. Not surprising. When someone said they charge a couple of $$$hundred a year, and they CHARGE for a one day free trial, that seemed suspicious. Like, someone cannot even READ psots (no write access) just to get an idea if it is any better than the freebies?
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