Good turn key services for small fund

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bigmonkey, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. bigmonkey


    Can someone recommend some good turn key companies for launching small fund? Thanks a lot!
  2. What is small? And what is your target investor base, if you are actively looking for investors?

    Really you just need a LLC with a proper attorney and an accountant to keep it simple.

    You've asked about this before and now you are back. Sounds like you realized that it can get very expensive.
  3. not familiar with any, but there have been a few ET threads about things like this, and I believe one of them talked about a company that offered services resembling this. Too many months ago for me to remember the name. or the thread.
  4. R1234


    Are you looking to form a fund or just trade managed accounts? Which regulatory body will you be answerable to? NFA or SEC?
    If you're going go be trading client managed accounts as a CTA then it's possible to do it yourself extremely cheaply, no lawyer parasites needed.
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