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  1. I have been reading some of the post on here and some are very helpful and others aren't. I am not a daytrader, but would like to learn more about it and how it all works. However I have been trading stocks for the last seven years, I'm only 25. So Im not a comlplete idiot when it comes to the market and stocks. Anyways.. my question is where did all you guys learn to trade? Are there any good books that I can read? Or any good educational materials out there? I've done a little reading on here and some on the internet at other trading sites. Where do you learn your strategies?
    Thanks for the help!!
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    You may have opened Pandora's Box. It seems that there are a million traders out there wanting to teach us, sell us their course or system or book, etc. I worry that they make more money selling the book, etc than they did trading or why would they bother. There is one though, that interests me. That's Bright Trading, Don Bright. He writes a column called Q&A for Stocks and Commodities magazine. He claims to train you to be a professional and you use his money. I don't know him personally so I would like to hear from someone who has actually taken the course to know how legimate he is. :)
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    best education that worked for me was to simplely watch the markets each and everyday for a few months and record what i saw in the markets and journalize them.. and if i made any mistakes learn from them.
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    I agree wiith moreagr, I did just about the same thing and then I use wealthlab to make sure my ideas worked.

    Still I do believe you can learn a lot from a course, specially if the trader is not descritionary.
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    koonsdawg......I have been trading stock for 10 years. Have had some limited success trading but, for the most part lost and lost badly. What I did of late is attend seminars and educate myself. Some of the things taught on books are garbage!!! I have about
    150 books on stock trading and investing and a number of concepts that they teach is garbage. Have started trading options and made just 3 trades, +$460.00 on the first one, -$550.00 on the second one and +$1700.00 on the third one.
    I definitely see potential. Will be attending some more seminars next week then, hopefully, I can tie all the info together into a systematic trading plan.
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    which options seminars are you taking... PM me if you want..
  7. Thanks for all the input. I have my own strategies, and they seem to be working. However I wanted to learn more. I figure knowledge is power in this game.
  8. I learned about trading (and life) from a black, homeless, ex-hooker crack addict down on 5th and Main.

  9. sKaLpZ.... I think you should have stuck to BJ! (blackjack) :) :p :D :D :D :D
  10. Dude, there are as many websites, courses, books, systems, gurus .... as there are traders out there!!

    Buyer beware!

    Anyway, in 1996 I lived in L.A. and started a "traders" group.... We had people that did stocks, futures, options, few programmers.... etc!

    It was great! 25 people all reading or learning something different.... then twice a month... they would share with the rest of the group! It was a great leverage of time, resources & most importantly..... learning what worked & what DIDN'T!!

    The most valuable things I got from this 5 years of meetings, twice a month, was this..... EVERYTHING WORKS!!

    There are people out there that could make a simple moving average cross-over work for them!! As well as people out there that couldn't make a winning trade, even if the market haulted for them to get on... they'd still find a way to screw it up!!

    Fear and greed is very important.... You need to work on your own demons!! NO ONE can do this for you! Find your own comfort zone!

    Money management.... is the difference between LIFE & DEATH.... trading death, that is! Always use a stop!
    It's like a seatbelt.... you don't use it everytime out.... it's there just incase things go wrong!

    K.I.S.S. (keep it simple...) Over the years, I've added so much crap to my charts, that I could see long trades as well as shorts at the very same time in the very same market!!
    I had caught the disease.... Analysis Peralysis!! :( :(

    I had to get back to basics! I did... I got rid of ALL the indicators & crap... and focused on price & volume only!
    I use a simple moving average just for the hell of it!!

    I realized that over the years, I learned to see the "signals", "patterns", "set-ups"... what ever you want to call it! I simply used all those indicators as crutches to my trading... not realizing I could walk with out them!!

    Good Luck to you.....
    :) :) :)
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