Good traing courses for trading futures?

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  1. Hi all,

    Could you please give me some pointers to good futures trading classes, including spreads trading and other forms of futures trading?

    I saw Joe Ross and Andy offering some training, do you think those are good classes? Any other recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Make the effort to develop your own strategy(s) that fits you like a "glove". Avoid imitating someone else's ideas that may only fit you like a "mitten", that can be too big or small. :)
  3. I have read a number of books and taken several courses on trading Futures and Spreads. I have read Joe Ross' book "Trading Spreads and Seasonals" and subscribed to Andy's newsletter for a while. The newsletter was the best thing I could find on spreads. The book is over-priced. I have never attended their classes.

    The best thing I have found for trading spreads is the recommended seasonal trades at They are fairly consistent but should ideally be used with additional timing and stop-loss methods. I am not currently trading spreads but have been considering getting back into them. If I did, I would combine MRCI and Andy's approach.

    The best instruction I have found regarding futures trading is Larry William's webinars. Specifically, I recommend his course called Level 3:picture Perfect Trading. He teaches short and long-term trading, not daytrading.

    I have taken all 4 of the courses listed, but number 3 provides my favorite and most successful techniques. Quite honestly, I am amazed that Larry actually released them to the public because they are so good. The only problem is that the signals do not occur very often. Please do not PM me for the techniques because I have agreed not to disclose them.

  4. Thanks unfortunately MRCI doesn't offer classes?
  5. No. MRCI simply provides graphs and high-probability trades based upon seasonal tendencies. The founder of MRCI did write a book on spreads:

    However, I don't recommend it. It is mostly filled with tables that are more up to date on his website. Also on the website is a weekly spread commentary which I do recommend, but it costs a little extra.

    There were only about 6 books on spread trading a few years ago when I was interested and I read them all. I cannot personally recommend any of them. There may be more now. I also took a spread trading course from Jake Bernstein which was not very expensive and applied some basic indicators to spread trading. Combining that type of information or Andy and Joe Ross's methods for entries and exits along with the seasonal tendencies provided by MRCI would be a good combination. Joe Ross has a free e-mail newsletter that comes out once a week or so that gives you a good idea about his and Andy's approach.

    The problem I had with trading spreads was that it was not electronic so commissions were high and fills were not very good. I have not checked recently to see if spreads can be traded electronically and what the commissions are. Maybe some experienced spread traders here can comment.

    As far as classes on commodities, the Larry Williams class is the only one I can recommend. I also get e-mails from David Duty, who is a CTA teaching commodity trading. But I have not taken his classes.

    Good luck and good trading!
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