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    I have a small trading group (5 guys) and we are looking to switch brokers/front end software.

    I have had some minor customizations done to my current platform and was looking to have the same work done on my new front end.

    Can anyone recommend any good trading platforms out there that will allow customization of the front end (either done internally or allowed with outside programmers) and that has reasonable ticket prices?

    I appreciate any input here...
  2. Anvil (from Assent) is pretty good for customization. The API is VC++ so you get top performace (if you have good developers) ....
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    I appreciate the suggestion. I don't have an in-house programmer but would be looking to hire one for my specific requests.

    I will check them out.

    Please let me know if you know of any others
  4. Laser/anvil good software.
  5. sterling so good
  6. Well, since Goldman bought Redi Plus, and have invested $millions in the platform, our automated guys have been extremely happy.

    We have programming available as well:

  7. Didn't Merrill Lynch buy Sterling a while back? Isn't that what their clients use?
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    I'm looking for a platform where they will allow customization to their front end platform - where either they would do custom programming for you internally or there outside programmers you can hire who can build you what you need.

    Do these platforms allow this?
  9. I know Anvil does. Usually most platforms APIs allow you to extend the GUI for you to create your own windows ....

    althought I never worked with REDI
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