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    I have been day trading for about 5 months and have reached the point where I now make just a little bit.

    I am looking for an effective coach or website that can teach me to be highly profitable. Can anyone recommend a coach or website that provides good education and that also has a verifiable track record of profitability? Even if the coach or site just shows a few months of profitable statements, that would be fine.

    In my experience, most of the sites that claim to make money do not when they are scrutinized under fair and objective standards.
  2. I am not sure i would trust anyone unless i knew them
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    Agreed. Thank you for your response.
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    Don Bright and Rob Friessen of Bright Trading is your answer, check out and good luck.
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    I think you will need to be a bit more explicit.
    What are you trading?
    What is your trading style? (EOD or 5 min charts?)
    Are you looking for someone with a similar trading style or are you just looking for a trading shrink or a business advisor?
    And then, of course, what is your budget?
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    Thank you for responding. I trade the SPY and XLE (oil index). I also trade individual stocks.

    I have about $2,000 to spend. I don't need any coaching on psychology as I am very disciplined and stick with my trading plan. I need someone who makes money and can show me how to do the same. My style is to follow the trend and trade pullbacks within it and to take about 4 trades per market session.
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    The Options guy at Pristine seems to have a great record and tells it like it is.
  8. Opinion on Trendfund (Waxie) coaching please.

  9. If what you are doing is profitable, then you should do more of it in larger size and gradually you will grow.

    One of my styles of intraday trading is trend-oriented (I will not elaborate on it) and I can tell you that 4 trades per session is an incredibly low number of trades. Unless you have some very specific, high probability winning setups, it seems like a low number of trades to make everyday because your losses would wipe out your winner(s)...unless your losses are very small and your winner(s) happen to be very large.

    If perhaps your winning percentage in those trades happens to be very high, then why look for a coach? XLE and SPY are both tremendously liquid products. You should have no trouble increasing the size of your positions in each of those.

    If you are having trouble increasing the size of your positions, then you should reevaluate what you are looking for in a coach and reevaluate yourself. Because psychological assistance can help you get over that hump. However, a much cheaper alternative is to do a little introspection and/or read a few books written by trading coaches.

    Either way, be specific about what you are looking for in a mentor and more specific about your qualities as a trader (positive and negative) before you spend your hard earned money. Good luck.
  10. you are giong to lose your $2000 without any value (ie, you will get taken). 99% of the peopkle who contact you have no uidea of what the are doing.
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