Good trading books?

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  1. I'd like to ask what everyone's favorite books are on trading and what they would recommend to others as 'must reads'?

    I've read through past threads and found that "Trading in the Zone" by Douglas is popular with many traders. What are some other good books to include on the list?

  2. 1. education of a speculator--- niederhoffer

    2. marketwizards 1 and 2---schwager

    3. winner take all---gallacher

    good books to help your macro view while dealing with the markets --non directly trading related

    1. techgnosis-- erik davis

    2. the fourth turning--- strauss

    3. 500 year delta--- wacker

    4. tao of physics-- caproff

    enjoy !

  3. Heres my favourites -

    1)Trading in the Zone
    2)All the Market Wizards Books
    3)Reminiscences Of a StockOperator
  4. how is michael jardine's new frontiers in fibonacci trading?
    anyone read that one?
  5. Thanks for responding to my inquiry.

    As a new trader, I'm looking to read books that most experienced traders consider good. Generally speaking, most people like Douglas' books, Reminiscences Of a Stock Operator, and the Market Wizards books. They'll be at the top of my reading list. Some other good ones have been mentioned as well and I'll get to those next.

    I've already made a trip to for the first round, so looks like I have homework for the holidays.

    Thanks again for the suggestions.
  6. How 'bout "How to Take Money From Wall Street" by Tony Oz?

    Can you get much out of it?

    I'm tired of buying books that just sit on the shelf and not learned much from them. Feel kind of suckered as a result.
  7. My first book was "Trading for a Living" and no matter what anyone says about Dr. Elder, I learnt a great deal of trader psychology from it.

    Financial freedom thru electronic daytrading is very good if you are into daytrading stocks but not otherwise.
  8. Tony Oz books are the best I have seen him trade he is the real deal!!
  9. Waste of money.
  10. What books do you like?
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