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  1. Samismik


    Please, your favorite book about trading? The one that taught you the most to get you going?
  2. Here is the site's traing book review section

    Now, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. But books are highly unlikely to "get you going." For that, you need 1+ serious edges, money management, a significant trading account, and a lot of experience on simulators first...
  3. It depends upon your time frame (long-term, short-term or day trading) and what you want to trade (stocks, futures, Forex, options, etc.)

    For trading in general, my favorite book is High Probability Trading by Marcel Link.

    Although I have read many books, most of the best information I have obtained on-line for free.

    There is a lot of trading information on the CME site:

    A lot of brokers also provide great free webinars. For example:

    Good luck!
  4. Darior


    Suri Duddella - Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pro

    John J. Murphy - Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets

    Steve Nison - Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

    Mark Douglas - Trading in the zone
  5. "How I Made Billions and Lost It All"

    Jack Hershey

  6. Redneck


    My trading plan.., and my journal – although admittedly my trading plan is far from being book length

    Food for Thought Sir

  7. St1cky


    Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van Tharp.

    This book and the free trading game you can get at his site gave me the best foundation for all the work I've done to learn the tricks of the trade (though I'm still learning of course).
  8. Attached is a book reco list I made for someone asking the same question.