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    Hi guys, I am a newbie just trying to look for some advice on some good books for beginner to get into it and just as a stepping stone.

    Thanks a lot..Appreciate....
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    reminiscences of a stock operator
  3. Come into my Trading Room
    Market Wizards
    New Market Wizards
    Stock Market Wizards
    Devil Take the Hindmost, The History of Financial Speculation
    When Genius Failed
    Oil factor
    Soros, the Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire
    Adventure Capitalist
    Sun Tzu's Art of War for Traders and Investors
    Trading Risk: Enhanced Profitability Through Risk Control

    These are some of the books that helped me. I would say I gained the most insight from the Market Wizard series.

    The books you read may be based on what type of trader do you see your becoming, (1) technician, (2) fundamentalist and news/event player, or an (3) allstar well rounded 40/40 type using both techs and funds and using multiple instruments and going wherever the action, optimal risk reward, and opportunities are and having optimal flexibility with such range.

    Hope this list helps as a starting point.

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    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre
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    what books do you already have or have you already read?

    also, it may be obvious, but the trading part is easy - buy and sell. it's the trader, the person, the you that will be the challenge. if you noticed, ROASO has already been suggested several times. it's not even a strategy book - but it lets you see some of the inner workings (and trappings) of a trader's mind.

    anyway, hth ...

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    BTW: if you don't already have ROASO, here is a link to a pdf of it:
  7. "Techniques of Tape Reading" by Graifer and Schumacher is one of the best recent books. The authors are real traders.
  8. "Trading in the Zone", by Mark Douglas.
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