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    I seem to hear a lot of people talk about "good traders" or how a firm had "Great trader". What is a good/great trader. Does it have to do with makin $$$$, or having a good risk reward ratio when you trade, or is it just doing the extra little things like keeping a detailed trading log/plan?

    What are your thoughts? What makes a trader good/great?
  2. who i consider to be a great trader, is in his early 20's in austin texas, I consider many elements important to define a great trader, here are a couple of his....

    He makes everyone around him better.
    He is a "inventor" in terms of his trading.

    I hope he gets past the "carps" trying to stand in his way.
  3. What firm is he trading at in Austin?
  4. Great trader....


    in ET.

    Mid-20s, working at prop.
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    Seems obvious. Someone who can make money and not lose it in the markets.
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    Ever see the movie "Good Will Hunting?"

    I have seen the equivalent in trading...But you were looking for good traders only.

    IMHO, good traders are professionals that have made a living trading the markets 5 years in a row.

  7. Good traders make money ...
  8. he is now using the hammer
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    good traders are consistent and make a living trading...
  10. profitable trader, but you can be consistently profitable and make $5,000 a year. That is not a good trader imho....So what is the income we strive to make as a great trader? $25,000 or $250,000? Guess it depends on expenses and lifestyle??
    I have been consistently profitable since 1998, and think I am good, but not great.....
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