Good to see a pundit admit the truth about the Civil War

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  1. Now if he could just start educating Glenn Beck.

    The truth spoken by a man with a large megaphone might be able to help return us to the greatness our founders left to us.
  2. He sounds like my fifth grade teacher who told us that if we wrote that slavery was a reason for the civil war then she would fail us.

  3. All Lincoln wanted to do was contain slavery. He knew slavery was obsolete and inefficient and would peter out on it's own. They were reasonable people.
    It was the slavocrats who wanted to expand it west and create a bunch of pro slave states, and nationalize slavery in America.
    Lincoln was right. The future of America was freedom, not slavery. It could not be both. 'A house divided upon itself cannot stand.' The slavocrats decided to fight it out. And they lost.
    The slavocratic armies of the confederacy invaded the north twice, and also invaded the west. They were intent on conquering the entire west and instituting slavery there. They wanted to conquer all the border states as well. perhaps even the whole continent, for slavery. They could not be reasoned with; like a beast, they had to be utterly defeated to be subdued.
  4. What a bunch of crap.

    He even knew the easiest and most peaceful way to do that would have been to just accept the right of self determination (succession).


    Maybe a rational non vindictive person would see extortionist tariffs as counter productive for the citizens of the United States as a whole.

    But No ,he needed War and dictatorial powers to install his corrupt crony capitalism and eliminate any vestige of political opposition.
  5. So these reasonable people manipulated events so as to start and continue a war which would be the bloodiest and most destructive event in our history. Yeah that sounds about like the lies (or is that Gross incompetence) purported by our federal govt.

    Even propaganda sites admit
    You just prove that gullible people will buy any story no matter how ridiculous as long as delivered by persons in the position of authority.
  6. Yeah, man. Pure politics. Lincoln only wanted to economically and politically weaken the slave-owning Democrats and replace their free labor with expensive free market labor. That's why the Dems are still bitter.
  7. Arnie


    All wars are about economics. The Civil War was no different.
    To say the Civil War was all about slavery is as ridiculous as saying slavery had nothing to do with it.
  8. Well enforcing abolition certainly had nothing to do with the imperial federal govt's position at the start of the civil war.