good thing Greece is an Ancient and wise civilization

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  1. or there might be riots.
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  3. They riot there because they are losing entitlements, and we riot here because we are giving more away.

    Maybe none of us are a wise civilization.

    There are only two things that men look for in this life....wisdom and riches. When a man finds one, he rarely looks for the other.
  4. Once every one depends on the government then this is what you get.
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    In a business sense, with free trade as the grease, the best move the US and European workforces can make is towards the workforces of the third-world. Very cheap labor, big surplus labor pools, few to no entitlements, and thus a maximum profit potential vis overhead for any enterprise operating there, if they can access markets of course. That's our competition, and the sooner we come to resemble them the sooner all this rioting ends.

    Edit: But, to be fair, we are adapting to the new reality:

    "Over the past 10 years, and particularly through the recent recession, American firms have sharply cut jobs and boosted the productivity of the workers left behind. That has lowered their costs of production. Thus, U.S. productivity growth rates over the past decade are much stronger [than Canada's]." - Arthur Donner, Doug Peters editorial, The Star.
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