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    I'm looking for a good tax accountant to get some feedback from on current and past tax filings. Just someone I can really talk to. I tried GTT (Green Trader Tax) before, several years ago, and had a really horrible experience with them so I'm looking for someone else who is knowledgeable especially in reference to NOL (Net Operating Loss) carryovers and the realities of filing as a trader. Thanks.
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    I'm very satisfied with
    While I have only dealt with Lenny (the president), he is very thorough, fair, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend TFT.
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    Thanks, chisel. Appreciated. I'll check it out. :)
  4. I second the vote for Lenny.


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    Can you please share with us your GTT experience that was so horrible?
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    The info's in this thread.
    I won't get into it much more as he threatened to sue me last time I brought it up. I think there is a lot of useful information that they share with traders. But I just felt they gave me really bad advice in regard to the problem I was having and also the software which they sell wasn't ready for prime time when I bought it from them and didn't work right at all. It may be okay now. I couldn't tell you. I just felt they didn't deal with me straight up at all. My own experience. I ended up having to do most of the work myself plus I felt they overbilled me by charging ME for the time I spent trying to help them complete my return. It was all very stressful and made me really sick. That was my own personal experience. BTW, Robert, if you're reading this, don't freak out and threaten to sue me again. Other people I'm sure have used your service and are happy with it. I wasn't and am entitled to express that here and actually only brought up your firm so other people wouldn't refer me to you.
  7. i've used green for 5 years. i think they know there stuff better than any cpa out there but one must send them the info in nice order and no what you're doing.i basically can do my own taxes but i like there footnotes.i agree they're very expensive but i've never had any problem with the irs as there footnotes are awesome. green is merging into so many different areas now from hedge funds to sueing companies
  8. try ron gallucci. he is the best. he will spend the needed time with you. just look up kaufmann gallucci and grumer on the internet. tell him atlas trading referred you. you won't be disappointed.
  9. Is there a list of the major accountants for daytraders or are these two in this thread the major players?
  10. Thanks BCE, I should have looked at your link first before making my last post. Great information.
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